Halloween Bingo

Bingo is a simple and fun game to play in ESL classes. It’s versatile enough to enable English teachers to practice and reinforce a wide range of language and skills.

Here is a cute free printable Halloween Bingo set I found on crazylittleprojects.com.


The game board has monsters and witches, black cats and bats, spiders, pumpkins, ghosts and more.

I  had mine printed and laminated at a printing store so that I could get a higher quality print to keep for years to come. I cut up the 8 boards and the squares.


I gave each kid a card and shuffled squares, and had the “bingo caller” just announce which one they drew. Like, “Frankestein” then the other students covered the Frankestein on their card with scraps of paper. First to get a row won.

I had spooky eye-ball chocolate candies in little bags as the winning prizes and then also gave everyone some candies at the end of the game so everyone got something.


My classes loved it! Definitely pinning for the future.